Hansan Group


Recycled Auto Parts

Our recycled auto parts are substantially sourced from the Japanese domestic market as well as other countries in the Pacific region. We have a full-range of auto parts from vehicles of Japanese make, as well as from Germany, France, and other European countries. We also have auto parts from South Korea. The available models are wide-ranging, encompassing saloon cars, MPVs, 4-WDs and pick-ups. We also deal in lorry engines ranging from 1 ton – 10 tons.

In line with our business philosophy, quality of products and customer satisfaction is top on our priority. Our experienced staff stationed in Japan and our specialized technicians at our domestic yards ensure that this philosophy is enforced. Hence the availability of top-notch quality products to meet the requirements of even the most discerning customers.

Some of the major recycled auto parts are listed below:-

– Engine
– Head lamps & Tail lamps
– Starters
– Transmissions
– Turbo & Superchargers
– Radiators
– Front-cuts
– Disc Brakes & Brake Calipers
– Alternators
– Nose-cuts
– Power Steering Pumps
– Auto Fans
– Steering Racks & Pinions
– Car Body Parts
– Suspensions & Shock Absorbers
– Compressors

Recycled Scrap Metals

The Han San Group is actively involved in the recycling of scrap metals through a specialized company, Han San Scrap Metal Sdn Bhd. A specialized yard has been allocated for this purpose.

In the dismantling of engines parts, valuable recyclable metals such as aluminum, cast iron and used engine oil are separated and appropriately cleansed for sale to purchasers of recycled scrap metals.

We also purchase mixed copper, aluminum and other scrapped metals for trading.

We have built very close rapport with our customers in metal scraps trading.