Hansan Group



Company Profile

The Han San Group (HSG), with its flagship Han San Auto Parts Sdn Bhd, is involved in the import-export of recycled (used) auto parts, and the attendant scrap metal business. We are located in Klang, Selangor (Malaysia), a location considered to be the hub for the recycled auto parts business. We occupy a total of 18 acres of yard in the conduct of our business.

Today we are a major force in the recycled auto parts industry in Malaysia and to a certain extent also the recycled scrap metal business. Our company started operations in 2005. However, our experience is much longer than this, as the founder of the company had already been exposed to more than ten years in the business, having been in the working environment in Japan for most of this period, learning the trade and securing his close links with the Japanese recycled auto parts operators. The March 2011 tsunami in Japan created a short-supply. However, through our vast close contacts with the Japanese operators and our experienced and specialized technicians stationed in Japan, we have been able to source with ease quality parts to meet the requirements of our discerning customers at competitive prices. Our Han San Group founder’s relationship with the Japanese suppliers and suppliers from other countries has continuously been strengthened and enhanced through their frequent visits to one another.

Presently, at our yards we have a stock of more than 15, 000 engines and 1,500 halfcuts, covering a wide range of models. The stocks are continuously being replenished. We have a team of more than 20 technicians stationed at several sites in Japan and working closely with our associate company in Japan. This company is linked to our Group. Our specialized staff at our office are constantly exploring for suppliers of auto parts and scrap engines from Japan and other countries. We have a wide coverage in our export markets – South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, India, Pakistan, China and a few European countries, all-in-all close to 40 countries.




Our business philosophy is based principally on one universal principle – that of creating win-win business relationships with both our overseas suppliers and our overseas purchasers, and also our domestic end-users. We are fully conscious that today’s buyers are a discerning lot looking for high quality products with competitive prices. Needless to say, quality products with competitive prices, but not backed up with friendly and top-notch service, will not carry a business through in today’s highly competitive environment. Hence, providing a top-notch service has also been incorporated in our business philosophy. We have a passion for excellence. Thus, with growing competition, and as an on-going concern on the growth path, we are sacrosanct and non-compromising in maintaining this business philosophy. Buyers who have been with us all these years will be able testify to this aspect of the conduct of our business. If can be said that we regard our business philosophy as a MISSION not to be compromised.